Making a Whee! Design Beanie Hat Gallery

Whee! Design Beanie Front

I decided to post a quick photo gallery of the making of my Whee! Design CMYK beanie hat. Now that I’ve got the dye sublimation printer back up and running, I thought this would be a fun project. I like the quality and color of the new Cobra inks.

Whee! Design CMYK Beanie Design

Whee! Design CMYK Beanie Design

Here’s the original design straight from Photoshop. Both sides are printed on the same sheet of 13in x 19in TexPrintXP-HR Dye Sublimation paper.

Printing the Whee! Design CMYK Beanie Design

Printing the Design

Both sides of the beanie are printed on the same sheet of 13in x 19in TexPrintXP-HR paper using dye sublimation ink on an Epson Workforce 1100 inkjet printer.

Final Printed Design

Final Printed Design

The final print is dry and ready for pressing. Note that it’s printed in reverse so when it’s transferred, the text is readable.

Blank Vapor ® Fleece Beanie

Blank Vapor ® Fleece Beanie

The blank beanies are completely white and have a 1 inch band around the bottom.

Cardboard Insert Makes Pressing Vapor Beanies Easier

Cardboard Insert Makes Pressing Easier

I found it much easier to press the beanies when they are theaded on these DIY cardboard inserts. I can easily turn the edges slightly toward the side I’m pressing so there is no white line along the seam.

Hotronix Fusion press from Stahls set for Dye Sublimation

Hotronix ® Fusion Heat Press

When I’m pressing at the studio, I use my Hotronix Fusion press from Stahls. It’s got a 16in x 20in platen and is perfect for everything from dog tags to tshirts. The settings I use for the beanies are 390°F for 50 seconds and 0 pressure (just let the wieght of the platen do the work).

Blank beanie in the press.

Loading the Press

Always put a protective paper sheet under and over the item to be pressed. Keep it clean!

Beanie loaded and ready to press.

Ready to Press

I’ve got the bottom protective sheet, my beanie, and the printed design in the press. Just need to put the top cover sheet on and it’s ready to go!

First side of beanie is done.

First Side is Done

After 50 seconds of pressing, open the press and quickly pull the top cover paper and the design off the beanie. Flip it and repeat!

Back of finished Whee! Design beanie.

Finished Beanie!

Here’s the finished product! Actually, this is the BACK of the finished product. I only took pictures of this side while I was pressing it.

Front of finished Whee! Design Beanie

Here’s the Front

Here’s the front of the finished beanie with my stylized CMKY Whee! Design logo graphic.

Patrick Wearing the New Whee! Design Beanie

Obligatory Model Shot

And then there’s me being all nice and toasty in my stylin’ new beanie skull cap.

So there it is! These beanies are a fun and easy way to customize your winter or fall style.

Here’s some links to some of the products I use:

Stahls Hotronix® Fusion Heat Press

Vapor® Adult Fleece Beanie

TexPrintXP-HR Sublimation Paper

Cobra Sublimation Inks

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