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Face Mask and Neck Gaiters

Face Masks & Neck Gaiters

Several of my Print on Demand partners recently started offering face masks and neck gaiters in response to the increased demand for face coverings. These masks are not intended for use in medical settings but perhaps they can help you stay safe and have a little fun at the same time. I have a collection […]

Trying Out Pet Portraits

Pet Portrait 3

I did some portraits of my friends’ dogs recently and really like the way they turned out. I haven’t touched Conté crayon pastels in nearly 20 years so it was fun getting back into it. I still have some technique to figure out and some stylistic things I want to try, but I think I’ll […]

NWPA Virtual Pride T-Shirts

NWPA Virtual Global Pride T-Shirt

NWPA Pride Alliance is unable to hold their annual Pride events this year because of COVID-19. As the winner of their t-shirt design contest for the last 3 years, they asked me if I was willing to partner with them this year to create a design that we could sell exclusively online. I was of […]

Making a Whee! Design Beanie Hat Gallery

Whee! Design Beanie Front

I decided to post a quick photo gallery of the making of my Whee! Design CMYK beanie hat. Now that I’ve got the dye sublimation printer back up and running, I thought this would be a fun project. I like the quality and color of the new Cobra inks. Whee! Design CMYK Beanie Design Here’s […]