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Digital Canvas is a showcase of exceptional web design and development projects, each a testament to the fusion of technical mastery and artistic innovation. Here, you'll find a portfolio that highlights our diverse client work, from sleek, user-friendly websites to advanced internet solutions. Explore how each project uniquely blends form and function, embodying our commitment to creating digital experiences that are not only visually striking but intuitively navigable. Delve into this collection and discover the art of bringing digital ideas to life.

Digital Canvas / web development

Website Refresh for The Zone Dance Club

Zone Dance Club Erie Website Design by Whee! Studios

Along with the new logo, we needed to update the look of the website to make it all fit together. The contrasting gold really pops against the deep purple and black. The event system has been updated to show upcoming events as well as daily events, specials, etc.

Visit the Zone Dance Club Web Site