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Show Your Pride in NWPA with the 2024 Pride on the Bay T-Shirt!

Erie, get ready to shine! Pride Fest is moving to a brand new location this year – Liberty Park! Mark your calendars (Saturday, June 29th) because Pride on the Bay 2024 promises to be bigger and better than ever. To celebrate this exciting new chapter, I'm thrilled to unveil the official 2024 t-shirt design! This year marks my sixth year collaborating with the NWPA Pride Alliance and I'm really excited to bring this new design to you all!

This collaboration with the NWPA Pride Alliance has been a true honor. It all started with me winning the design contest for the t-shirt years ago. After a couple of years I was directly contracted to create the design, and now I have the privilege of providing my design services as part of the board.

This year's design draws inspiration from Erie's magnificent bayfront. The vibrant colors of the Progressive Pride Flag wrap around the shoreline, creating a beautiful abstract bay visual.

We'll be using a printing technology called 4-color process screen printed transfers for create the shirts. This allows us to include all the colors of the Progressive Pride Flag for a truly inclusive design, while still keeping the shirts affordable for the community. Plus, this technology delivers high-quality, super colorful prints that everyone will love!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your limited-edition 2024 Pride on the Bay t-shirt and head down to Liberty Park to celebrate with the Erie LGBTQ+ community! It's going to be an unforgettable event. These shirts (along with hoodies and tank tops) are now available for pre-order on the NWPA Pride Alliance web site under Shop at: nwpapride.org. See you there!

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The Fluid Spectrum: Exploring the Genderfluid Pride Flag

Unfolding the Colors of Identity

Pride Flag Friday: Genderfluid Pride Flag

Welcome back to our vibrant celebration of identity and expression on Pride Flag Friday! It's a wonderful journey each week as we delve into the rich tapestry of Pride flags that wave boldly in our community. Today, we're embracing the fluidity of identity with the Genderfluid Pride Flag, a symbol of adaptability and boundless self-expression.

History of the Genderfluid Pride Flag

The Genderfluid Pride Flag was created to give a visual identity to the genderfluid community. Introduced to the world in 2012 by JJ Poole, it represents the flexibility and diversity of gender beyond the binary. Each color on the flag was chosen to reflect the variety and nuances of gender fluidity, and since its inception, it has become a powerful symbol for those whose gender identity is not fixed.

The Meaning Behind the Colors

Every hue on the Genderfluid Pride Flag has a specific meaning that resonates with the fluid nature of gender. Pink stands for femininity, white for all genders, purple for the combination of masculinity and femininity, black for the absence of gender, and blue for masculinity. Together, these colors weave a narrative of freedom and the spectrum of gender experiences.

Genderfluid Identity and Community

Genderfluidity defies the constraints of traditional gender norms, embracing the concept that gender can vary over time. For those who identify as genderfluid, their experience of gender can shift and change, often depending on different circumstances or feelings. The Genderfluid Pride Flag is not just a symbol; it's an embrace for those who flow between genders.

Fun Facts and Trivia

Did you know that the Genderfluid Pride Flag is increasingly seen in Pride parades around the globe? It's a testament to the growing recognition and acceptance of non-binary and fluid gender identities. Another fun fact is that genderfluid characters and icons are gaining visibility in media, helping to foster a deeper understanding of the genderfluid experience.


As we celebrate the beauty and complexity of the Genderfluid Pride Flag, let's remember the importance of inclusion and the acceptance of all identities. In a world that's learning to cherish every shade of the human condition, this flag is a beacon of hope and celebration for gender diversity.

Before you go, why not bring a piece of this pride into your everyday life? Swing by Whee! Pride for an array of Genderfluid Pride Flag-inspired goodies that are perfect for anyone looking to wear their pride or simply celebrate diversity. Because here, every day is a chance to stand out and stand proud and live life out loud!

The Intersex Pride Flag: Unity and Visibility

Pride Flag Friday: Intersex Pride Flag

The Creation of the Intersex Pride Flag

Introduced in 2013, the Intersex Pride Flag breaks from traditional gender symbols and colors. Morgan Carpenter of Intersex Human Rights Australia designed it to celebrate the intersex community. The flag’s yellow background and purple circle stand for unbroken wholeness and completeness.

The Meaning Behind the Colors

The choice of colors for the Intersex Pride Flag was intentional. Yellow and purple are not traditionally associated with gender, offering a neutral ground. The purple circle is central, symbolizing the right to bodily autonomy and integrity.

The Impact and Importance

This flag has played a crucial role in raising visibility for intersex individuals, often overlooked in the broader LGBTQ+ discourse. It’s a beacon for inclusivity, rights, and recognition within the community and beyond.

Little Known Facts

Did you know that the Intersex Pride Flag is one of the few LGBTQ+ flags not modeled after the traditional rainbow flag? Its unique design ensures it stands out, just like the individuals it represents.

Wrapping Up

The Intersex Pride Flag is more than just a banner; it’s a symbol of pride, unity, and the ongoing fight for recognition and rights. It encourages us to broaden our understanding and embrace every part of the diverse LGBTQ+ spectrum.

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Going Green with Pride: Celebrating the Aromantic Spectrum

Pride Flag Friday: Aromantic Pride Flag

Happy Pride Flag Friday! This week, we're diving into the world of green, white, grey, and black – the colors of the Aromantic Pride Flag. This flag waves with pride, representing a beautiful spectrum of individuals who experience love differently from the romantic tales we often hear about.

What is Aromanticism?

Aromanticism is an orientation that describes people who experience little to no romantic attraction, but that doesn't mean they lack deep, meaningful relationships. Aromantic folks form strong bonds based on friendship, shared interests, and other forms of connection that don't necessarily fit the romantic narrative.

The Flag Unfurled:

Crafted with intention, the Aromantic Pride Flag boasts four stripes, each with its own story. The dark green represents aromanticism, light green for the aromantic spectrum, white nods to platonic and aesthetic relationships, and grey recognizes the grey-area between romance and friendship, with black celebrating the sexuality of aromantic individuals.

Celebrating Diversity:

Just like the wide range of hues in the flag, the aromantic community is a tapestry of diverse experiences and identities. It's a reminder that love isn't one-size-fits-all and that there's beauty in the diverse ways we experience the world and connect with others.

Did You Know?

Here's a fun fact – the Aromantic Pride Flag is often flown alongside the Asexual Pride Flag, as many aromantic people also identify as asexual, but not always. It's a testament to the intersecting experiences within our LGBTQIA+ family.


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Roaring with Pride: The Story of the Bear Pride Flag

Pride Flag Friday: Bear Pride Flag at Whee! Pride

In the kaleidoscope of Pride flags, each tells a unique story of identity, community, and celebration. Among these is the Bear Pride Flag, a symbol of the bear community's strength, camaraderie, and unshakable confidence.

The Origin of the Bear Pride Flag:

Designed in 1995 by Craig Byrnes, the Bear Pride Flag emerged from a desire to unite bears worldwide. Byrnes, a member of the bear community, envisioned a symbol that would surpass geographic and cultural boundaries, stitching together a global fellowship with the threads of shared identity.

Symbolism of the Colors and Paw Print:

The flag's broad stripes of brown, orange, yellow, and black represent the fur colors of bears in nature, paralleling the diverse physical types within the community. At the corner rests a bear paw print, a bold emblem of the bear community's essence and spirit.

The Bear Community:

Bears are typically defined by their larger, often hirsute bodies and masculine attributes. However, the community is inclusive, welcoming all who resonate with its ethos. The bear community celebrates acceptance and body positivity, fostering an environment where individuals can revel in their authentic selves without judgment.

Embracing Diversity:

The Bear Pride Flag is a banner under which inclusivity and body positivity reign supreme. It’s a flag that flies in the face of conventional beauty standards, celebrating the raw, natural beauty of its members. It's not just a flag; it's a declaration that everyone deserves to stand tall and proud.

Fun Fact:

The original flag included a seventh stripe in purple, which was later removed to simplify production. Each remaining color, and the paw print, now stand as timeless guardians of bear pride.


The Bear Pride Flag is more than just a symbol—it's a heartwarming invitation to a community that embraces love, respect, and the freedom to express one's identity. As we wave these flags high, let's remember the myriad of stories they tell and the diverse lives they represent. On this Pride Flag Friday, let's give a mighty roar for the bear community and the rich diversity it adds to the LGBTQ+ family.

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Embracing the Blend of Attraction: The Story of the Bisexual Pride Flag

Pride Flag Friday: Bisexual Pride Flag

Welcome back to our Pride Flag Friday series! This week, we dive into the vibrant stripes of the Bisexual Pride Flag, a symbol of the bisexual community's diversity, love, and pride. The flag stands as a beacon for those who love beyond gender, embracing attraction to more than one gender. It's a celebration of fluidity, understanding, and the rich spectrum of human connection.

The Creation of the Bisexual Pride Flag

In 1998, Michael Page sought to create a visible symbol for the bisexual community, leading to the birth of the Bisexual Pride Flag. Page designed the flag to increase the visibility of bisexuals both within the LGBTQ community and society at large. The flag’s purpose was clear: to represent and validate bisexual identity and pride.

Decoding the Colors and Meaning

The Bisexual Pride Flag is beautifully simplistic yet profoundly meaningful. Consisting of three horizontal stripes:

  • Pink at the top for attraction to the same gender
  • Blue at the bottom for attraction to different genders
  • Purple in the middle, blending pink and blue, to represent attraction across the gender spectrum

This color scheme is a direct nod to the nature of bisexuality and the overlapping experiences of attraction that define the bisexual community.

Did You Know?

Creator Michael Page first introduced the flag at the 1st Anniversary of the BiCafe on December 5, 1998. An often-overlooked fact is that Page intended the flag not only as a symbol for bisexual people but also as a tool for increasing bisexual visibility within both the LGBTQ+ community and the broader society. He hoped that the distinct colors of the flag would be eye-catching to draw attention to bisexual individuals' presence and experiences, countering the invisibility and erasure that the community often faced. This flag was designed to stand out in a sea of rainbow flags at pride events, ensuring that the bisexual community's specific identity and struggles were visibly represented and celebrated.

The Importance of Representation

The Bisexual Pride Flag is more than a symbol; it's a lifeline to those who have felt invisible within both the heterosexual and LGBTQ+ communities. Its existence affirms the validity and importance of bisexual identities, encouraging individuals to embrace their true selves without compromise.

As we celebrate the Bisexual Pride Flag, let's recognize it as a beacon of diversity and inclusion. It challenges us to look beyond binary views of love and identity, encouraging a world where everyone is free to be themselves. The flag not only marks a space for bisexual people but also symbolizes the journey toward understanding and embracing the full spectrum of human affection.

Join the Conversation

What does the Bisexual Pride Flag mean to you? Share your stories, reflections, or how this flag has touched your life in the comments below. Let's keep the conversation going and continue to support each other in our diverse journeys of love and identity.

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Unfolding the Colors of Identity: The Nonbinary Pride Flag

Pride Flag Friday: Nonbinary Pride Flag

A Celebration of Colors: The Journey of the LGBTQ Rainbow Pride Flag

Hey folks! Welcome back to our Pride Flag Friday series. Today's spotlight is on a special symbol within our vibrant community: the Nonbinary Pride Flag. My dear friend Austin, who has shared so much about the Enby community with me, said: "We have the rainbow pride flag to represent a whole community. Flags like the enby pride flag become a specific identity. A sense of belonging and being." So, let's dive in and explore the story behind this meaningful flag./p>

The Birth of the Nonbinary Flag

The Nonbinary Pride Flag Did is a relatively new addition to the LGBTQ+ family. Created in 2014 by Kye Rowan, this flag was born out of a need for a distinct symbol for nonbinary folks – those who don’t fit neatly into the traditional gender binary.

Decoding the Colors and Meaning

Each stripe on the Nonbinary Flag has a tale to tell: yellow for those whose gender exists outside the binary, white for nonbinary people with many or all genders, purple for those with a mix of male and female genders, and black for those who feel they are without a gender. Together, these colors weave a story of diversity and inclusivity.

The Nonbinary Flag in Digital Spaces

An often-overlooked aspect of the Nonbinary Pride Flag is its significant presence in online communities. This flag has found a home in the hearts of many across various social media platforms, serving as a symbol of unity and visibility in the virtual world. Its adoption in digital spaces highlights how nonbinary individuals and allies use technology to connect, share experiences, and foster a global community of inclusivity and understanding. In an age where digital interaction is ever-increasing, the Nonbinary Flag's prominence online is a testament to its power to transcend physical boundaries and bring people together.

Amandla Stenberg – A Nonbinary Voice in Hollywood

Did you know that Amandla Stenberg, acclaimed for roles in "The Hunger Games" and "The Hate U Give," identifies as nonbinary? They came out in 2020 and have since been a strong advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. Amandla’s journey and openness about their nonbinary identity have been influential in the entertainment industry and beyond, offering visibility and a voice to nonbinary experiences. Their activism and courage in sharing their story have inspired many, especially younger audiences, showcasing the impact of representation in mainstream media.

A Symbol of Belonging

Echoing Austin's sentiments, the Nonbinary Pride Flag offers a sense of belonging. For many, it's a proud declaration of their true selves, a symbol that says, to themselves and others "You are seen, you are valid, and you are loved."

In our journey towards greater understanding and acceptance, the Nonbinary Pride Flag stands tall. It's not just a flag; it's a promise of a future where everyone is recognized and celebrated for who they are.

As we celebrate another Pride Flag Friday, share with us what the Nonbinary Pride Flag means to you. Any stories or thoughts? Drop them in the comments – let's keep the conversation going!

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