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Queer as Folk

LGBTQ Designs Inspired by this Iconic Series

Check out officially licensed designs from Queer as Folk available at my CafePress Fan Portal for QAF. Fun stuff inspired by your favorite characters, quotes, and more.

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I Respect the Thin Red Line for My Fire Fighter ...

Show Your Love and Support for Your Fire Fighter Family

A variation of my 'thin line' designs, this one helps to honor the fire fighters in your life. Family and friends who are first responders of any kind deserve to be recognized and with this fun design you can do just that.

We've got the whole family from mom and dad, to siblings, cousins, nieces, and nephews. We even cover your BFF.

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Available for Curbside Pick Up

Get This Fun Design to Help Curb Those Quarantine Cravings

I made this design to resemble chalk writing on a blackboard. The kind of thing you see outside a restaurant or cafe that might offer curb side pick up.

There is some intentional innuendo that perhaps YOU might be available for curbside pickup. Get his design on a variety of clothing, masks, and other items. They make great gifts for that thirsty friend who is always on the prowl.

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Star Trek Face Masks at CafePress

The Needs of the Many Outwigh the Needs of the Few. Or the One.

CafePress recently launched their own face masks and because of the large number of movie and TV licenses they hold, I am able to design for all of these shows and movies. First up… Star Trek!

I added most of my all over print Star Fleet uniform designs to mask with great success. They look great and are the perfect gift for the Trekkie in your life. You can find all of my Star Trek face masks here: Whee.TV/y/startrekmasks

Below are a couple links to some of the uniform inspired masks and the TOS emblem masks.

Star Trek Inspired Face Masks
Star Trek: The Original Series Inspired Face Masks
Star Trek: Picard Inspired Face Masks